What To Get The Traveler Who Has It All: Christmas Gifts For The Adventurer

Compression Cubes

If you have an avid traveler in your life, you have likely exhausted all of the typical travel accessory stocking stuffer options and wonder what else they might need that they haven’t even thought of themselves. Look no further, we’ve gone through our Packing Lists and pulled out the most unique, must haves for that special adventurer in your life.

Pouches, pouches, and more pouches. It’s all about organization and minimalization these days. Your traveler most likely has packing cubes, but what about “compression” packing cubes. We started using these about three years ago on a trial basis and have recently amped up our usage of them in order to implement packing organization by outfits. Whatever your method, these are the Go-To for space optimization and organization. Eagle Creek makes a wide array of sizes and styles but to start with, we like the ones by Tripped, a travel brand start up and brainchild of travel Vloggers and Instagrammers Tim and Fin. They are much less expensive and are almost identical in quality as the more pricer ones by Eagle Creek (we have both).

Lightweight Travel Backpack

Another space saving must have popular with adventure seekers is a Collapsable (or “Packable”) day pack. Bulkier daypacks aren’t really necessary unless your traveler is going on a difficult day hike where extra supplies are needed. For travelers just exploring a village or daytripping to the beach, these lightweight packs are practical and useful. The ones that fit into pouches are most desirable, and make sure you get one with water bottle pouches on the exterior. We love this one by TRIPPED.

Roll-up Travel Organizer

Next up on our list is a lightweight, hanging Toiletry Bag by Osprey. Osprey is known in the backpacking world for its lightweight, durable, and well designed travel products and accessories. We like the thought put into the design of this kit which can be used to store any items, not just specifically items for personal hygiene. The fact that it hangs is super practical if you are sharing a bathroom counter with a travel buddy and the zipped compartments are well thought out. It rolls up and buckles shut in a roll, or you can fold it in half, depending on the space available in your luggage or carry-on. The fact that it hangs is super practical if you are sharing a bathroom counter with a travel buddy and the zipped compartments are well thought out. It rolls up and buckles shut in a roll, or you can fold it in half, depending on the space available in your luggage or carry-on.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Garment Folder

Our newest find is the Garment Folder. This is a packing must for any traveler carrying garments prone to wrinkles. The amount of clothes that can be packed into this amazing folder is unbelievable. Unlike the compression cubes, Eagle Creek truly makes the best one in this category. We’ve tried other brands and they are heavier thus not as practical. Don’t be frugal on this one. Take a look at the video below if you need more convincing.

Roll-up Organizer

On to gear storage. We love the new Roll-Up Gear Organizers which are popping up in the Travel Marketplace in an endless array of sizes and shapes. Here’s an item we bet your traveler doesn’t have, an all-in-one go-to place for all of those loose cables and adaptors. These Electronics Organizers are a fantastic way to keep all of those dangly items in one place and pack up efficiently between destinations. These pouches are lighter than other Electronics Organizers, and again, the roll-up functionality works well to save space.

RAVPower Portable Charger

While we are on the subject of electronics, we highly recommend the RAVPower version of an External Power Bank (external charger). This is not to replace a smaller, one-two charge external charger to be carried around for day use. We actually suggest to our customers that they travel with two. So often on a tour or when moving around from hotel to hotel frequently, there is not ample time to charge up sufficiently, to read more check out our blog Staying "Charged UP" Or, sometimes you get back to your room and your smaller charger and phone are dead but you want to go to the pool and check your emails. Or, your room only has one outlet and its full with your camera or iPad charging up for the night. The uses are countless but sometimes it is an expense travelers put off and not until they arrive do they wish they had brought one of these more powerful banks. Save them the frustration and get them one for Christmas; it’s sure to be one of their favorite gifts. There are so many on the market, and we’ve tried a half dozen and like the RAVPower best for speed, ability to hold up to six charges (depends on what you are charging), relatively light weight, and overall quality.

2 Sets Bamboo CutleryAt Get Out There Tours, we encourage culturally and environmentally Responsible Travel by suggesting that our travelers avoid excess plastic consumption and use. One great way is to travel with Bamboo Cutlery and Metal (or bamboo) straws. In Thailand and India, for example, you can’t not notice the overuse of plastic. A vendor will hand you an item in a plastic wrapper and put it in a plastic bag and then put that into another plastic bag. Or another vendor will hand you a plastic straw wrapped in a plastic wrapper and put your smoothie in a plastic holder made from a plastic bag. Help your traveler help the planet by stuffing one of these Sets into their stocking this year.

Another way we coach our travelers to avoid plastic waste and to “Take Nothing Away, Leave Nothing Behind” is to encourage the use of Shampoo Bars instead of packing travel-sized (plastic) shampoo containers. These are incredible space savers and are ultra light in comparison to the travel-sized containers we are used to.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Some other items we love in the “how to carry your stuff” category are these Get Out There Tours favorites: an underseater tote/rolling bag with more compartments and hiding spots than any uber organized traveler can find uses for (by Eagle Creek), a fanny pack (yep, we are recommending a fanny pack) by Kipling with the perfect sized zipped pockets for your phone (iPhone PLUS size), hotel room keys, and small camera; and a thief proof, urban chic, stylish daypack by PacSafe.


TSA Luggage Locks

Finally, one thing we notice many of our travelers forget. Travel locks. Long gone are the days were the lock will be cut off if your bag needs to be searched. These days, the TSA Locks are standardized so the TSA can get into your luggage with a key. Don’t leave your loved ones luggage susceptible to nosey airport staff. As always, better safe than sorry. Get them a set of four and they’ll appreciate the hook up, we promise.


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