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If you have decided to make the plunge and book your travel arrangements, your journey has actually begun.

Next you will need to decide how you will travel around your destination. Will you be traveling by train or rental car? How about an Intrepid Travel Tour? Will you be purchasing domestic airfare while overseas or would you like to have all of your details nailed down?

Don’t forget your Airport Transfers. While it’s super easy to just call an Uber to get to the airport from home, we can help you arrange for a driver to pick you up upon arrival. It’s cheaper than you think, especially when traveling in pairs or groups, and provides an immeasurable level of ease and comfort letting you enjoy your trip from the moment you pick up your luggage at the baggage claim.

Will you stay in a simple hotel or Airbnb? Or perhaps you wish to try out a 4 star hotel like the ones available here on Agoda.

This is the planning stage to lock in your details and fine tune your itinerary. Get Out There Tours has decades of experience in Journey Planning, why not give us a shot.

Flight OptionsFlights

You are probably going to need to purchase and International Airline Ticket. It is always best to check with us first before diving into the confusing world of Travel Booking Engines. There are dozens you can check, and depending on your destination and what airline is offering the current sale, each Booking Engine will deliver different results. There are also tricks and hacks, so consult with us before handing over your credit card number.

Some things to note about booking with the discounted Expedias and Cheapoairs out there:

+You will not be able to arrange your seats online (you will end to call the airline itself)

+You will rarely get mileage credit for a Frequent Flyer Program

+Your ticket will have serious restrictions for changing and is always non refundable

+You CAN, however, change or cancel within 24 hours and get a refund

Steps in booking with a Flight Consolidator (Expedia, Kayak, etc.)

First check Google Flights, then Skyscanner, then Trip Advisor, then go to the sites Trip Advisor sends you to or book directly there. Be careful of long layovers (or layovers under 2 hours) in your connecting airport. In some rare cases (for example when changing planes in London or Tokyo, for example) the connection involves an airport change! Be sure to check all details before confirming your ticket. It is fun, but overwhelming at times. Take it slow, this is one of the most important steps in your journey!

Hotels Hotel advice

We recommend you book the first two nights accommodation so you have a place to get grounded and centered upon arrival before heading out on your journey. Agoda is a great place to start with competitive pricing across the globe. Sign up for their Membership Program and you will get points for each stay. Their App is extremely useful for organizing all of your reservations with handy maps in the local language to show the cap driver (very handy when they don’t speak the same language as you).

AirBnB $40.00 OffAirBnb

Sometimes you want more than a hotel room. Villas are a very cool way to save money while traveling in a small group or as a family since you can prepare meals for yourself and enjoy (in most cases) a pool all to your own. Other Airbnb options are renting a room from someone in their home. This way is one of the best ways to meet local families and learn about their cultures by interacting with them in their surroundings. Airbnb is a cool community of travels all sharing a unique way of traveling inexpensively and safely. Try adding a few nights stay at an Airbnb during your next vacation.

Train Travel

By far, the most awesome way to travel is by train. And there is an art to train travel. Check out these websites for more information and booking tickets.


It’s never a bad idea to arrange your ride at your destination in advance. In many countries, local transportation is simple and efficient. In others, it can be a nightmare (India, for example). While working with your Journey Planner or researching your own trip, consider the option of having a driver waiting for you upon arrival. Transfer companies vary from country to country, but here are a few reputable ones:

Lonley Planet (yes, THAT Lonley Planet):


Sun Transfers:

UBER is alive and well in many parts of the world. Don’t forget to load your UBER App before departure because in many places where English is barely spoken, UBER makes so much sense for getting not only to and from the Airport but from point A to point B as well.