We've traveled to nearly 100 countries and we put our experience to work for you when we plan and guide you through the journey of your dreams.  We have rafted the Zambezi, canoed the Okavango Delta, sailed The South Pacific Seas, visited the pagodas of Burma, and so much more. Our philosophy is to plan journeys to exciting destinations while treading lightly upon the cultures and environments of our fellow citizens and the WORLD we share. We hope you are excited about your adventure as we are!

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Why travel on a Get Out There Tours Group Itinerary? We have done the research for you. We have stayed up late into the night comparing every hotel amenity and location, poured over city and country maps, checked travel logistics and flight schedules, contacted our industry friends and colleagues and brain stormed how we can chisel a tried and true excursion and take it to the next level, and we’ve asked and then asked again our travel partners to look at pricing one more time so we can be sure we are giving our travelers the best possible itinerary at the best possible rate. No doubt you will see lower prices tours, but they won’t include our hotel categories, level of expertise, and all the extras we through in. And to top it off, each Group Tour includes a Get Out There Tours photographer/leader/guide in addition to a local guide and leader. That’s THREE expert travel professionals on each trip.*

Testimonial Bali High

Still not convinced? Here’s what a thrilled past traveler said about Get Out There Tours Guided Tours:

“In 2018 Laura took 8 girls and I through Thailand. It was amazing. From the airports, to the hotel’s, to the rides to every detail, restaurants and so much more Laura had it laid out for us so wonderfully we didn’t have to worry about a things. She pays attention to details, she listens, and she’s an expert at knowing the land of wherever you’re going. I highly recommend Laura to do your travel planning. You won’t be dissatisfied. She’s a lovely lady and I highly recommend her.”

-Nicole Jones