Goa, India - Yoga

We are expanding our trips styles to Retreat-style holidays starting with this one in Goa, India. Whether you are new to the practice of Yoga, or a seasoned yogi, this experience is sure to rejuvenate your mind and body. Set amongst a coconut grove, the Eco Lodge is nothing short of magical. You may fly into Mumbai with us and take a scenic train to Goa (after one night in Mumbai) or fly into Goa ($150 less). Once in Goa, our retreat begins. We stay in Rajasthani-style Eco tents (Indian Glamping) with outdoor bathrooms, enjoy two buffet meals a day, and can participate in up to twelve Yoga sessions overlooking the rice paddies. The beach is a mile away for us to enjoy at our leisure with rickshaw hire available at the front desk. You may also indulge Ayurvedic Marma Therapy Treatments with a la carte pricing. We will be taking just a small group on this trip (up to six) so fill out your Request To Book information below.

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